Friday, June 12, 2015

Hangman Game

This is my students' favorite game!

Target: All grades
Target English: Vocabulary practice

It's the easiest game to play in large or small classroom. I usually play this game when I want to review the vocabulary that my students have learned in the previous meeting. When they play this game, they have to choose several categories first. The categories are based on what they have learned, for example, countries. Next, the teacher as the host of this game make up a secret word based on the category, draw a blank line for each letter in the secret word and then ask the students have to guess the secret word letter by letter. I usually set the time for them to guess a letter so that you can save your time in the classroom. The teacher will fill in the blanks if the students guess correctly and draw part of "hangman", a simple stick figure of a man being hung, if they guess wrong letter. The students win the game when they guess the secret word correctly. If they get every letter before the teacher finishes drawing "hangman", they win. At any point the students can try to guess the entire word instead of a single letter, but if they guess the wrong word then the teacher should treat it as if they guessed a wrong letter.


Thanks to the internet. There are some online hangman games you can play with your students. I sometimes play online hangman games from this website: Many Things

Games for Children

Kids like games! We can't deny this nature. Kids like playing games because they are happy when playing games! Kids can also learn English through games. In classroom context, there are many games that teacher can play with kids. While kids are playing the English games, they can build the interaction with others. Through that interaction, their English skills specifically listening and speaking can be developed.

When you as the English teachers want to play some games in your English learning, you have to consider the situation of the classroom and also kids. All the kids have to be involved in the games. The most important thing is that you have to tell the kids about the rule. You have to make sure your kids understand what they have to do in games. This helps the games played smoothly and meaningful for the kids. 

I have some games that can be played in your English class! 

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Thursday, November 21, 2013


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